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    We Are Your Friendly Local Packing, Shipping and Business Service
    What We Do
    We specialize in US Domestic and International Shipping  through
    FedExpress, FedEX Ground, DHL, US–Post office, and FedEx Freight

1.       We Provide Other Business Related Services like Notary, Mailbox
      Rental, Fax,Print, Scan, Email and Internet At Our Store.

2.       We assist Home Based and Small to Medium size businesses with
      packing, shipping, and business services.

    Our Business Focuses on:
                                Value Add
                                Customer Satisfaction
                                Customer Retention
                                Repeat Service


are your perfect partners for when you need

packing and shipping

of something. You may sometimes find yourself in a fix if you need to use the FedEx Freight services and you don?t have the time to be packing and shipping all the stuff yourself. That?s where we come in. We provide a host of business services that make your life a whole lot easier in such matters. We at
were set up to provide clients with quick services and connect them with

FedEx Express

FedEx Freight
, and DHL in Tustin.

Our primary clients are the small business in need of regular

packing and shipping services

.The small to medium businesses usually do not have the resources of large businesses. We help them solve this issue by offering a host of business services, from Rental, Fax,Print, Scan, and shipping services through DHL , the post office etc. We also help you pack and ship goods through

FedEx Freight and FedEx Ground

services through Fedex Tustin.

If you are looking for to get anything delivered through

FedEx Ground


FedEx Freight

, contact us to get hassle-free Fedex Shipping of your goods, with minimum charges and a super-effective and safe procedure. You can send anything through DHL Tustin or the post office, or you can even avail international shipping. We offer the same quality as domestic shipping for

international shipping

. All of our packing and shipping is a completely risk-free and safe process; we value your goods as much as you do. So the next time you need

Fedex in Tustin

, we are your go-to store. Just contact us and we?ll assist you in getting risk-free

Fedex Shipping at great prices.

Call / Email us Today! To See How We Can Assist You and Your Business To
Reduce Packing And Shipping Costs.

We actively participate with local businesses in mutual
business promotion and referrals.
Email                                                     Web:                                     Opening Hours are:                           Mon-Fri 09:30 to 06:30PM,   Sat 09:30 to 04:00pm   Sun-Closed
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